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Last modified on 1/8/2010 3:52 PM by User.


Molecular Foundry Guest Processing Solution


The Molecular Foundry currently processes guests by having the guest download and print a guest processing form, fill out the form by hand, and fax it back to Lorri St.Claire. Not everyone has access to a fax, many users are overseas and fax communications are expensive and not reliable, and Lorri has trouble reading chicken scratch. Users often forget to fill out all the required fields.


Create a web-based form to replace the pdf / fax-back solution. The online form will validate fields and look less intimidating because sub-sections will be visible *only* if they are applicable. i.e. - the VISA sections will be hidden if the user checks they are a US citizen.


Straight-up html form with jQuery. This will work on any PHP, Java, or ASP.NET website, or even a website that has no server side ability. Clicking submit initiates an ajax call to a webservice endpoint. The webservice may save the fields into a database or may send an email copy of the fields to Lorri or someone else. The web page would not know what happens either way. For version 1.0, we will just send an email to Lorri.

Future Roadmap

Next step is to input the form directly into ATRIS. One method is to use a terminal emulater so that ATRIS is tricked into thinking an incredibly fast typist is logging in, inputting the information, and logging out. The reality is that a computer is pretending to be a human typer. The ideal solution is to have some type of API into ATRIS, but this might take a while.

Current solution is at (click on Forms on left panel, then choose PGI electronic version)