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QA Policies and Procudures

Our QA and testing philosophy

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Perform production pushes when Anna, our QA tester is available, generally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  1. Code is first pushed to our QA website.
  2. Minor updates, like text changes, get a baseline test (see below) on the QA site.
  3. Other updates get a more thorough test commensurate with the type and scope of the change.
  4. Once Anna announces QA testing is complete and has passed, Donald will copy the QA site to Production.
  5. One more QA will occur on production to catch any mistakes during the QA --> Prod copy. Typically the website will either not work at all or will work.

Baseline tests for

  1. Create and submit a proposal.
  2. That's it!

Baseline tests for

  1. See above

Baseline tests for

  1. This is dependant on which feature was added or changed. For example if the Admin Review feature was added or changed, then test that feature and verify that the proposal can be moved through all subsequent steps in the proposal lifecycle.


Work Phone
Cell (optional)
Donald Lee
LBNL programmer
(510) 486-5016
(510) 575-7171
David Childs
CINT programmer

Anna Vu
(510) 495-2343

David Bunzow
LBNL User Office manager

Heather Brown
CINT user Office manager

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